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ironmonger n : someone who sells hardware; "in England they call a hardwareman an ironmonger" [syn: hardwareman]

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iron + monger


  1. In the context of "mostly|UK": a retailer in iron goods and hardware

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retailer in iron goods and hardware

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Today, the term Ironmonger refers to a retailer (or wholesaler) of iron goods. This has often been expanded to include consumer goods made of aluminium, brass, or other metals, as well as plastics. In modern usage, it is thus synonymous with a hardware shop. Ironmongers often double as tinkers.
In many parts of England and Wales, the historical usage was similar. However in the areas where ironware and nails were manufactured, particularly the Black Country, it signified a manufacturer operating under the domestic system, who put out iron to smiths, nailers, or other metal workers, and then organised the distribution of the finished products to retailers.

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